Tuesday 13th November 2018,
Guelph Synchronized Swim Club

Athlete of the Month

2015-2016 Athlete of the Month

2014-2015 Athlete of the Month

Sanderson_Alexis-AthleteoftheMonthAlexis Sanderson

11-12 Team Swimmer, Alexis Sanderson, is May’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.








SarahPlant-athleteofthemonthSarah Plant

16-20 Team swimmer, Sarah Plant, is April’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.







kylaKyla Smith

13-15 Team swimmer, Kyla Smith, is March’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.





quinlinQuinlin Lawrynowicz

11-12 Team swimmer, Quinlin Lawrynowicz, is February’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.








victoria Victoria Mulder

8&U Novice Competitive Team swimmer, Victoria Mulder, is February’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.





IMG_20150211_191757Hannah Wiley

16-20 Team swimmer, Hannah Wiley, is January’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.  Hannah is always focused at practices and very supportive of her teammates and club mates. She has had excellent results at her first two synchro competitions of the season. In addition, she has improved (and continually improves) her split and figures skills and has had the fastest LTAD time for the 400m swim.





2013-2014 Athlete of the Month

ClareClare Vais

13-15 Team swimmer, Clare Vais, is September’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.  Known for her purple cap and fantastic attendance, Clare is very much deserving of this award.  Clare always comes to practice early and brings a positive and hardworking attitude.  She is very good at quickly learning the routine counts and she is always willing to help teach them to her teammates.  Keep your ears open for her “Athlete of the Month Warm-Up Playlist” on Sunday, there’s a very high chance The Smiths or Red Hot Chili Peppers will end up on it!




Kyla SmithKyla Smith

11-12 Team swimmer, Kyla Smith, is October’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.  She has a great attitude and she can always be seen smiling throughout practice.  Kyla is never afraid to ask questions and she is always trying to improve herself.  It is for that reason that Kyla’s splits have significantly improved since last season.  On top of that, Kyla has attended every practice so far this season!  If you ever get a chance to see Kyla out of the pool, be sure to check out her humongous collection of bracelets!



Katelyn BKatelyn Butts

16-20 Team swimmer, Katelyn Butts, is November’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.  Katelyn stands out as being the best swimmer to receive this award because she is always prepared for practice and arrives to every practice early.  With her positive attitude, dedication, and determination, Katie is a great role model at our club.  When she isn’t in the pool training her solo, duet, or team routines, she can also be found representing her high school at swim meets and track and field meets.



JocelynJocelyn Begin

16-20 Team swimmer, Jocelyn Begin, is December’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.  December was a very rough month for Jocelyn because she sustained a serious injury to her knee.  Although doctors told her that she would not be able to swim for months, Jocelyn kept a positive attitude and continued to come to practice and support her teammates.  Throughout this tough time, Jocelyn has taken very good care of herself by making sure that she is eating healthily, getting lots of sleep, and attending all of her physio appointments.  If it wasn’t for that it is likely that she wouldn’t have recovered so quickly from her injury! Aside from taking care of herself, Jocelyn is a fantastic leader in the club.  She is very passionate about coaching and she has been doing a great job coaching the beginner novice team as well as the 11-12 duet.


KierstenKiersten Barr

11-12 Team swimmer, Kiersten Barr, is January’s ‘Athlete of the Month’.  January was an important month for Kiersten because she got to participate in her first two competitions ever and she had excellent results.  Since September Kirsten has improved tremendously.  A huge reason for this is because she is very driven and tries really hard at practice.  Whenever Kirsten is given a correction she always tries to fix it and she is good at remembering it the next practice.  A club goal for this month was for everyone to push themselves out o their comfort level.  Kirsten has done a good job at this and it has pushed her to learn new things.  All of the coaches have also noticed that Kiersten has been a big leader on her team.  If girls on her team aren’t paying attention, she will start counting to make them go or remind them to get into pattern.


BreannaBreanna Pratley

13-15 Team swimmer, Breanna Pratley, is February’s ‘Athlete of the Month’. Breanna always comes to practice with a positive attitude and great work ethic.  Her hard work this season can be shown through her tremendous improvement in her figure height as well as her routine skills.  Breanna’s strong communication skills and patience also make her a strong leader on her team.  She is always willing to go out of her way to spend time working with her teammates until they understand their corrections or routine counts.  When Breanna isn’t in the pool she’s likely dreaming up new video ideas for your Youtube channel!


MadisonMadison Solda

16-20 Team swimmer, Madison Solda, is March’s ‘Athlete of the Month’. Madison has had a fantastic month! In the last month she has been focused at the pool and has made some significant improvements to her figures as well as her solo. Proof that her hard work paid off was shown when she placed first in 13-15 figures at West Regionals. In addition, Madison is always positive around the pool deck and provides encouragement to all swimmers in the club as well as coaches.


 EricaErica Bonnar

11-12 Team swimmer, Erica Bonnar, is March’s ‘Athlete of the Month’. Erica has also really improved in the last month. Her positive attitude at the pool as well as her passion for synchro has propelled her in the right direction to have excellent results this season! She had a great weekend at West Regionals where she had her best ever performance at a competition. She really thought about all of her corrections and applied them at the competition. During her figure competition, Erica had one of the best ballet legs of the competition, which really made all of the coaches proud!



pre-compNovice 10&Under Pre-Competitive Team

Our ‘Athletes of the Month’ for April is the entire Novice 10&Under Pre-Competitive Team! The six person team consisting of Brenna Stroud, Lauren Irvine, Cora Byrne, Georgia Smallacombe, Alyssa Shany and Alexis Sanderson has had a fantastic season so far.  You can tell that every girl on the team love synchro and is excited to come to practice.  This past month the team attended Hilton Invitational which was the first competitive stream competition that the team has ever attended.  They had a terrific swim and it was great to see how much club spirit they had! The team represented the Guelph Synchro really well and they stood out with their own Guelph Synchro shirts that they made.  We can’t wait to see how they do at their last competition in May!