Thursday 22nd August 2019,
Guelph Synchronized Swim Club

Louise McIntyre Mermaid Award

The Louise McIntyre Mermaid Award is a celebration of Guelph Synchro’s young up-and coming ‘star’ in the Novice Competitive stream.  This award will be given out annually to an athlete who has demonstrated throughout the synchro season (September – May/June) their love of the sport. The recipient of this award will be an athlete, who but best exemplifies teamwork, respect, dedication, positive attitude, and passion for the sport of synchronized swimming and the Club.


  • has never missed a practice, always on time, always prepared to swim, first one in the pool
  • is excited to come to practice
Positive Attitude:
  • has a sunny disposition and uplifts others around them. She shows enthusiasm towards training and competition as well as showing a dedication to the sport.
  • is able to celebrate failures just as much as successes (i.e. uses failures as learning opportunities and appreciates successes)
  • is considerate of teammates, coaches and club members
  • listens attentively to their coach during practices and at meets
  • respects other competitors and goes out of their way to congratulate fellow athletes at competitions. This athlete demonstrates co-operation with team mates and coaches, and is always actively participating during practices.
  • helps their teammates with learning counts and does not make them feel inadequate in the process
  • is excited about learning new skills and tries extremely hard to succeed and do well. Has great perseverance when overcoming new challenges.
  • has a love of the sport of synchronized swimming

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

  • The nominees must be a registered Novice Competitive athlete with the Guelph Synchronized Swim Club.
  • Nominations must be based upon the current Guelph Synchronized Swim Club season (September–May)
  • Only one athlete per year will be recognized at the year-end celebration.
  • The Head Coach will deliberate with the all Novice Competitive Stream coaches to assess/evaluate swimmers against criteria to determine the recipient of this award.


This award was established in 2016 by Louise McIntyre, former President of Guelph Synchro.  Eligibility and selection criteria cannot be changed without discussion with the donor.