Love to Swim? Enjoy Dance? Want to be part of a Team?
NOVICE COMP may be for YOU!


2017_novice_10_picGuelph’s Novice Competitive Program offers swimmers the opportunity to progress their synchronized swimming skills over a full season (September to May/June, depending on competition dates). Participants will have fun learning and/or enhancing their synchronized swimming skills, while having tons of fun and building many new friendships. Working together as a team for the full season will enable swimmers to work together to develop their skills.

This Program is a wonderful stepping-stone for swimmers who are looking to move from Recreational classes into a competitive stream for the first time. Swimmers will work and compete with other synchronized swimmers of the same age and similar skills and abilities. This Program is also for brand new swimmers to synchronized swimming who want more than the Recreational classes.

GSSC with form teams or groupings based on ages, skill levels, and enrollment.

Novice Competitive Program swimmers will practice twice a week including dryland and pool training.  Dryland training is a very important part of synchro training as it provides swimmers with core strengthening and increased flexibility.

2019-20 Season practices will be:

8&Under Team: Monday and Wednesdays 5:00 – 7:00pm

10& Under and 11-12 Teams: Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm and Saturdays 12:30 – 3:00pm

In addition to these regularly scheduled practices there will some additional practices scheduled for choreography and preparation for competitions. These practices will be outlined at the beginning of the year and included on the calendar.

As we are a non-profit volunteer led club, there will also be fundraising and volunteer requirements. Contact for further information or click here to register. Questions about the Novice program should be directed to Session costs are dependent on enrollment and costs (such as facility rentals and coaching staff).

Swim Meets and Events

Figure Meet; Panel of Judges

Novice athletes may compete in figures and team events. All routine events  are performed to music within a time limit. Figure meets are set up with four stations that the athletes rotate through. Each station is evaluating one synchro skill (figure). GSSC athletes normally attend 3-4 meets throughout the season.

Meets are also a great opportunity for team building and fun times! Most meets are a local drive, but can be a good excuse for a mini family vacation.

When performing figures the athletes all wear black swimsuits and white caps. We loving refer to them as “penguins” in the stands! The athletes "Penguins" ready for figures!rotate through 4 stations performing and being judged on a different synchro figure at each station. One figure example is sailboat: the athlete swims out to the red marker in front of the judges, the athlete gets into layout position, slowly moves one leg into bent position touching extended leg, then slowly returns bent leg into extended position, and then exits the position and pool. Judges are watching for details such as pointy toes, smooth movement, bottoms not sinking, not travelling in water etc.

At a routine meet their team/duet routine performances are judged by a panel of artistic and technical judges and are ranked. This is the more glamorous competition and the athletes wear fancy suits, makeup, and gel their hair. Throughout the season, the team will be building upon their routine based on judge feedback and team athletic ability.

At combination meets both figures and routines are performed and judged. The figure scores for the individual(s) adjust the routine score to create a “championship score” which is the place finish.2017_novice_13

We normally host three Showcases throughout the season: Winter (last Saturday before break), College Royal (Saturday mid-March), and Spring (Saturday late April/early May). All levels of swimmers perform at these events and these showcases are a great opportunity for friends, family, and community to watch our athletes.

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