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Can we try a lesson?2903203

Guelph Synchro offers several free Try Synchro sessions at the end of summer and over the winter break, where our coaches and volunteers introduce new swimmers to the basics of synchro. Just show up at the pool ready to swim. Watch our website for upcoming dates.

How do I register and pay?

Registration happens through our online form, click here.   Payment details vary by program and will be sent to you after we receive your program specific registration.  You can expect recreation programs are either to be paid in full or in tuition installments by pre-authorized payment.  Competitive programs are paid monthly.

What do we need to bring to class?Guelph Now - GSSC

All novice swimmers are required to have a one-piece bathing suit, goggles, nose plug and swim cap. Please remember flip flops and towels for poolside. Club swimsuits and  gear sample sizes are available to try-on and orders are placed towards the end of September on GSSCs fitting evening. Once the club (or spacing) suits are in, swimmers are expected to wear these to practice (unless otherwise directed by the coach).

Do you sell any of the supplies if we’re missing them?

A GSSC Board Member will usually have swim caps, goggles, and nose plugs for sale at practices.

What is land training?

At the novice level, land training primarily focuses on warming up and stretching the muscles. Dry land drilling is also a component of novice as they learn the routine through hand motions.

What are all those hand motions the coaches do?

2017_landAs swimmers progress through the levels and/or move into competitive programs, they will learn the secret language of synchro… each hand/arm movement and sequence represents a figure (element) in the water.  At the competitive level these motions become a core part of training referred to as land-drilling.

Please explain “synchro age” ?

As the synchro season bridges to calendar years, age is calculated based on the athletes age as of December 31st of the greater calendar year. For example: Jane is currently 7 years old and she is being registered in July 2017.  Her birthday is Oct 1st and she will be 8, she will be 9 before December 31st 2018. Jane is “synchro” 9 and will compete under that age group for figures. Assuming normal Ontario grade progression, this equivalency should help!

9-10 age group

Grade 1, 2 = Synchro 8 and under

Grade 3, 4 = Synchro 9-10

Grade 5, 6 = Synchro 11-12

Grade 7, 8, 9 = Synchro 13-15

Grade 10, 11, 12 = Synchro 16-20

Please note, that depending on enrollment, teams may be formed based on average synchro age.

Can you give me an idea as to what the fundraising target would be?fundraising

As a club our aim is to keep the fees charged to families as low as possible, but in order to cover the pool and training costs each swimmer’s family is expected to assist with club fundraisers. You also have the option to participate in many individual fundraisers throughout the season. Please note that individual fundraising  is a deferment of fees and not in addition to fees.
There are many ways to reach your fundraising target, including: sponsorships, Fundscrip (group code NUHGCS), and product sales (such as chicken, bulbs, hockey tickets).

Can you give me an idea as to what the volunteer hours would be? 

Volunteers at Guelph Storm
Volunteers at Guelph Storm

Volunteering is a great way to show support to your athlete and can be a good opportunity to get to know all the synchro families.

We need volunteers to run fundraising initiatives, help host events (e.g. water showcases, Storm 50/50, meets) etc.  We are a volunteer run club so your assistance is required to run the club successfully. Many hands make light work!

What is “synchro hair” ?

DSC_0783Synchro hair is dance hair plus! At most routine meets and at our showcases, the athletes will be asked to have their hair gelled. This is NOT your father’s gel! The athletes hair is first placed in a pony tail, divided into 3+ braids, wrapped into a bun, and then a special formula of gelatin is applied by paint brush.  When the gel cools it creates a water-tight protective layer on the athletes hair. The purpose is to keep perfect hair in the water.

Please click here for more information on gelling.

Do the athletes wear makeup?

For the purposes of Water Showcases and routine events, athletes will have makeup applied under the supervision of the coaching staff. Most swimmers really look forward to wearing makeup for these events. Please note that much of the make-up will disappear in the water!

When it comes to figure events, absolutely no makeup or adornment is allowed. All make-up, nail polish, and jewelry must be removed.

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